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LIVMOR’s mission is to assist physicians and medical professionals in addressing the global chronic disease epidemic by providing a patient-friendly system for remote monitoring of critical cardiovascular physiological biomarkers.

Our goals are to dramatically improve patient outcomes and to significantly reduce healthcare system costs with better quality data for diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.


LIVMOR Solutions

the LIVMOR Halo+

The LIVMOR Halo+ has been elegantly engineered to provide users with a turnkey solution to remote monitoring. Each system contains medical-grade monitoring devices, a tablet for control, and an online portal to view data. By prescription only.



Introducing the LIVMOR Halo

Meet the first prescription-only and medical-grade wearable device that enables extended and remote monitoring of heart rate variability.


Clinical Results

The LIVMOR Halo performed with superior accuracy when compared to competitive wearable devices for the detection of atrial fibrillation.***



minutes of EKG
& PPG data recorded

Through our multi-site clinical trial, we have amassed one of the largest datasets of concurrently recorded EKG and PPG data




The high-performing sensitivity of the Halo System enables physicians to confidently identify at-risk patients in large populations




Paired with a high sensitivity, the Halo System’s specificity ensures that physicians and healthcare specialists can focus on what matters most without being distracted by false information

*Sensitivity: How often does the device correctly identify instances of AF

**Specificity: How often does the device correctly identify instances of non-AF

***The LIVMOR Halo with LIVMOR’s atrial fibrillation algorithm is an investigational device and is not available in the US


Our Team

Founded in 2016 by veteran medical device scientists and engineers, LIVMOR has grown to be a premier, innovative company focusing on digital health solutions for remote patient monitoring.

Meet Our Team 


Our regulatory Status

Our regulatory application for the detection of atrial fibrillation is currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration. We are also in the process of securing ISO-13485 certification, a prerequisite to submitting regulatory applications globally.